Hypnotherapy is the use of hypnosis for therapeutic purposes.  Hypnosis is an awareness dominated by the unconscious mind.

Hypnotherapy is a natural, safe and effective way to make positive life changes.

Hypnotherapy can help with:

~ Anxiety and panic attacks
~ Bereavement and loss
~ Confidence and low self-esteem
~ Emotional Concerns
~ Fears/phobias
~ Exam and test nerves
~ Releasing habits (stop smoking, nail biting etc)
~ Sleep
~ Stress
~ Weight Control

Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP

Neuro: the brain and mind
Linguistic: the language we use to communicate (verbally and non-verbally)
Programming: the way we behave and interact with the world

NLP is a communication tool.  NLP is how we communicate within ourselves and with the people around us.  NLP is a powerful tool to help create rapid change in our thinking and behaviours.

Hypnotherapy & NLP can be used with children (4+), teenagers, young adults and adults.  For more information please visit www.pennyhawkins.co.uk.


First Session (75mins)       £160.00
Subsequent sessions (60mins)      £135.00

First Session for Smoking Cessation  £395.00
Block booking of 3 Sessions for Smoking Cessation  £600.00

Children from 4yrs-12yrs (50mins)    £70
Children from 13yrs-16yrs               £80

16yrs + & students (60mins)      £100

OAP’s negotiated rates

Therapist: Penny Hawkins Adv.dip Hyp, MHS. SQHP; PCE, CNHC REG; Accredited supervisor; Accredited Anxiety UK Therapist