It involves the application of light finger pressure at specific points, referred to as “Emmett points”.

The points are not the same as traditional trigger points or acupressure points or any other points described in any other therapy.
Combined with McTimoney Chiropractic or used on its own, the EMMETT Technique is an efficient and effective therapy.

How does it work?

It is suggested that the EMMETT Technique may interact with the body as described in the science of Critical Point Analysis which identifies that…

In any highly complex system there is a specific, critical point at which the smallest input will result in the greatest change”

For example a light touch on a small cog can halt the largest engine.  The EMMETT Technique Therapist can be compared to a body electrician who has
the knowledge to locate these critical points and re-set them with the correct stimulation.  The stimulation is registered by the receiver’s nervous system
and their brain responds by sending new instructions back to affect the physical state of the localized area.

The result is often instantaneous physical change.

Special language skills are incorporated to reinforce and anchor the positive physical changes greatly enhancing the outcome.

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Emmett Technique is normally used as part of a McTimoney Chiropractic Treatment, but can be booked separately.

McTimoney Chiropractic Treatment Prices:
Initial Consultation & Treatment      (80mins)     £60.00
Treatment                                               (40mins)     £45.00

Emmett Technique only:
Initial Consultation & Treatment     (60mins)     £50.00
Treatment                                              (30mins)     £40.00

Janet Adams BA (Hons) ACMA DC MMCA
Sheena Harding BSc (Hons) Chiro DC MMCA