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Eve Taylor LogoEve Taylor Facial
Deeply relaxing facial using luxury Eve Taylor products.  To deeply cleanse, revitalise and hydrate, encouraging cellular renewal and regeneration to the skin.  Restores balance to your skin, leaving a healthy glow.
60 mins    £55

Eve Taylor Facial with Aromatherapy Back & Foot Massage
This luxury treatment incorporates a back massage using therapeutic essential oils with their own healing properties, tailor-made to your needs.  A rejuvenating facial to re-balance, regenerate and restore the skin, ending with a relaxing foot massage.
90 mins    £75

Eve Taylor Facial with Reflexology
Relaxing deep cleansing and hydrating facial, followed by a 30 minute reflexology treatment.  Reflexology is a gentle foot treatment that is a natural holistic healing therapy.  By stimulating reflex points in the feet, it enables the body to function efficiently, clearing the vital energy pathways that run through our bodies with far reaching benefits.
90 / 120 mins    £80 / £110

Eve Taylor Facial with Reiki
A gorgeous facial to regenerate and re-balance the skin with luxury Eve Taylor products, followed by a Reiki session.  Reiki is a subtle but powerful healing energy.  A brilliant treatment for healing and stress relief.
90 mins    £75

Eve Taylor Facial with Reflexology & Reiki
A luxurious Eve Taylor facial followed by a Reflexology treatment and foot massage for 40 minutes ending with a Reiki Healing session for 20 minutes.  Bliss!
120 mins    £110

Michelle - StonesTherapist: Michelle Sanson
Mobile: 07733 074390

Please book direct with Michelle – email michelle25sanson@sky.com or call 07733 074390.