Michelle Sanson, Reflexologist, Reiki Practitioner

Michelle offers Reflexology, Massage, Facials, Aromatherapy and Reiki. Feel as if you are floating on air with the knowledge you are helping your body achieve ultimate relaxation and wellbeing.

Often imbalances in the body and stress in general leave us feeling tired, stressed, overwhelmed with disrupted sleep patterns and general aches and pains. If not addressed symptoms can develop and manifest in the body leading to ill health. Take time out to address these problems with holistic therapies that aid in relieving physical and emotional symptoms.

Michelle is a fully insured member of the Federaton of Holistic Therapists complying with all statutory regulations and professional development requirements

Michelle has recently added Eve Taylor Facials to her list of therapies that are now available.  Please follow this link for more details Eve Taylor Facials and Combined Treatments.

Call Michelle direct on 07733 074390 to make an appointment at the Ananda Clinic.

website www.thefloatingfactor.co.uk