Sarah Mclintic

Sarah offers a bespoke, targeted and results-driven massage experience, designed to help others rehabilitate from chronic pain or injury. She began her training with Jing Advanced Massage Training (Brighton, UK) – an industry-leader in massage training – in 2015, gaining the Btec level 6 qualification (a degree level qualification in massage) in 2019.  Her massage journey began a number of years before that though. Having developed a severe and debilitating chronic pain condition following a fall in 2010, a Jing-trained massage therapist helped put her back together and rebuild her life. It is now Sarah’s goal in life to help do the same for others.


Conditions that can benefit from massage include lower back pain/sciatica, hip pain, rotator cuff issues, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, headaches, migraine and TMJ disorder and many more. Sarah uses a combination of techniques to ‘get the job done’, with a focus on self-care and educating clients about their pain.


“I want you to leave the clinic feeling better but also having the tools to keep yourself well when you can’t get to the clinic. Incorporating this self-care into your life can be really empowering. I also spent a lot of years in the health and fitness sector and I understand the joy of movement and how important it is to keep doing the things that make you happy – whether that’s swimming, playing golf or something more adventurous, or perhaps not! Either way I’m here to help support your rehab journey and keep you well. Get in touch to see how I can help you.”

Sarah is available for appointments on:


Friday 14:00 – 20:00 and Saturday 09:30 – 14:00