The Alexander Technique is a way of re-learning how you move and use your body.  The Alexander Technique not only improves posture but is also excellent for a wide-range of muscular-skeletal problems.

‘Stop doing the wrong thing and the right thing will do itself,’ wrote FM Alexander after he discovered, through a long process of detailed self-observation, the importance of maintaining a balanced, dynamic relationship between the head, neck and back.

Improve how you feel, move, perform and think!  Join the growing number of people benefiting from lessons who:
~ move lightly and freely with less effort
~ are alert and focused with less tension or strain
~ are poised yet graceful, without stiffness
~ learn co-ordination and flexibility
~ have improved stamina, energy and efficiency
~ are balanced-relaxed-effective-confident

The Alexander Technique is used to alleviate or prevent pain
~ joint and muscle pain
~ breathing disorders, asthma
~ anxiety, tension
~ Parkinson’s Disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, RSI

Who uses The Alexander Technique?
~ Anyone concerned with his or her quality of performance and movement
~ Those who sit before a computer for too long (is this you?)
~ Performers: musicians, singers, dancers, speakers, actors, film stars!
~ Students in schools and teachers
~ The elderly – who find their mobility and energy diminishing
~ Horse-riders and trainers
~ Athletes and people interested in keeping fit or enjoying a sport
~ Health & Well-being professionals

Is it suitable for me?
If you are curious about self-improvement, or sense a need to restore natural good movement, while discovering a new dimension in your life, Yes!

‘The skills you learn will last long after the lessons, even for the rest of your life.’

A course of 20-30 lessons can provide a good foundation for improved well-being and on-going self discovery.
Alexander Technique teachers are highly trained.

What happens in lessons?

Through explanation and guiding touch, you will re-discover poise, balance and ease within yourself.  By working on simple everyday activities, such as sitting, standing and bending, you will learn your co-ordination works and where you create tension.

You will learn how to improve the way you use your body.  This awareness will enable you to change long-standing habits and function more efficiently.  You will also lie in a semi-supine position on a couch to release your limbs, realign and rejuvenate. Bliss!

An individual lesson is 50-55minutes, costs £38, depending on the number of lessons booked.
Most teaching is one-to-one, yet introductory workshops are occasionally available as are shared lessons.
Hilary teaches at The Ananda Clinic one Wednesday every month, please contact either Hilary direct or the Clinic for dates.
Hilary White
07515 520718