Ananda Yoga Studio


The current fashion for high intensity and high impact workouts can put a lot of pressure on the body.  Pilates offers a more holistic approach and can benefit everyone, whatever your level of fitness.  In modern life we all develop habitual ways of moving, perhaps through work, exercise or activities.  Sitting at a computer screen, being on your phone, driving the car, running, cycling and playing sport can put strain on our muscles that Pilates can help to re-balance.  Pilates will develop your core strength, improve your posture, lengthen and tone your muscles and promote overall wellbeing by focusing on your breathing.

With 8 years of experience, Emma is able to deliver varied and enjoyable group classes or individual training sessions to clients of all abilities.  The training focuses on posture and alignment, whilst building muscle tone, flexibility and core strength.

Mat Pilates Classes @ The Ananda Clinic:

Tuesday 9.30am-10.30am – £10 per class for a 6 week course
Tuesday 10.45am-11.45am – £10 per class for a 6 week course

Individual Training Session @ The Ananda Clinic

£45 per session
Tuesday and Thursday afternoons

Instructor: Emma Grist 07984 646317