Anastasia Druitt BSc (Chiro) MMCA
McTimoney Chiropractor

Anastasia graduated in 2004 and has returned to work after a maternity break.  She combines treatment with Craniosacral and soft tissue techniques where appropriate and has a particular interest in Functional Neurology.

Member of the McTimoney Chiropractic Association
Qualified Massage Therapist
CranioSacral Therapy Level II

Appointments available: Tuesdays 3pm-7pm, Thursdays from 7.30pm, alternate Fridays 3pm-7pm, alternate Saturdays 9am-1pm.  Please note appointments are only available until the end of July 2018.

Email:  (If you need to cancel an appointment and want to do so with Anastasia direct, please call on her mobile rather than email her).

Mobile: 07968 664245

News – June 2018
Unfortunately for us at the clinic, Anastasia will be moving away from the area at the end of July.  Her current patients are obviously still welcome to come along for treatment and have the option to see one of our other McTimoney Chiropractors, Janet Adams or Sheena Harding.


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